2023 is the LAST YEAR we will be doing quilt shows! Only three shows are left! But don't worry, we will continue the webshop. Hope to see you on one of the last shows!


Dear visitor, 

have a look at our Quilt Shows page for detailed agenda or click here.


We are online with our new webshop! Since we are still working on our webshop, you will find many more fabrics each day.

You can easily look at our fabrics by category to find the right theme, for example: Flowers, Animals, Babies and Children, Japanese etc. It is almost the same as visiting us at the fairs! In case of any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

We hope you enjoy looking at our fabrics and hope to see you soon at one of our shows, click here for our updated quilt show program for the coming months.

We currently ship to the following countries: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

If you are from another country, please contact us, we always find a way to ship your order!

Until further notice we do not ship to the United Kingdom unfortunately. 

PS. We changed our website from vanrooyenhobby.nl to vanrooyenquiltfabrics.com.

Van Rooyen Quilt Fabrics


Impression of our current show in Italy, video from Saturday 6 November. 

Important recommendation: sharp FISKARS scissors and sharpener


While cutting fabrics it’s very important to use a good pair of scissors. We highly recommend a FISKARS pair scissors with a spring. This is not only a very sharp pair of scissors, it’s also a relief for the joints in your hand because you need less strength. In this way pain during cutting is prevented. This pair of scissors is also recommended for people already suffering from pain caused by e.g. arthrosis, rheumatism or RSI.

There is also a sharpener to keep your pair of scissors always sharp and it will lengthen it’s lifetime.

Size of the scissor is 15 cm long.


Contact us by the contact form  if you want to order by the meter for an extra low price.

Examples using Holland fabrics 

Pan holders and coasters made from the Holland fabrics.

A bag made from one of the Holland fabrics.

Placemat made using one of the Holland Fabrics.

Impression of the fabrics currently available in our webshop